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& we are strong advocates for mental health and animal therapy!

Hi, I’m Channing Weitz & I am the owner of Humble Wag.

To quickly sum up what we do at our company in a couple of words looks like this… we sell dog toys, accessories & apparel for both humans and animals, with custom options as well.

 However, the depth to this small business is what makes me hold onto it so closely. I started this company because my little sister and I lost my parents in a tragic accident two years ago, leaving me to quit my 9-5 job & pursue a dream of mine. 

I have always known I wanted to create a company that revolves entirely around the power of dogs and animals, but I never knew how incredible the community could be. Advocating for mental health conversations and full transparency, this company sells much more than an onlooker could know. In everything we do, we aim to create more space to make people feel seen, to embrace the love and purpose animals bring to our world, and to show people that being vulnerable is possible with the help of animals’ unconditional support. 

Another change my team hopes to contribute to through Humble Wag is to encourage conversation and promote action around animal rescue. At 28 years old – I have four rescues of my own – so cultivating a company where a portion of the proceeds are donated to animal rescue has been truly magical. I know the capacity Humble Wag has to change lives, both human and all our four-legged friends, and want all of you to know the part you are playing by joining us in the work that we do. 


Channing A. Weitz